One Codex is in open beta:

One Codex is a search engine for genomic data, enabling new and valuable applications in clinical diagnostics, food safety, and biosecurity

Our technology

We've built a genomics data platform that is:

Fast – Process next-generation datasets in minutes, not days (millions of DNA base pairs per second)

Expansive – Search the world's largest index of bacterial, viral, and fungal genomes

Accurate – Sensitivity and precision comparable to or greater than today's leading methods

Sample applications

Clinical Diagnostics

"One test diagnostics" for infectious diseases; strain-level results, including antibiotic resistance, for complex samples

Food Safety

Faster, more comprehensive tests for distributed monitoring of a rapidly expanding, ever-more-global food network


More precise and distributed warning systems enabling improved real-time detection and attribution

More about One Codex

From our blog

One Codex wins $200K CDC "No-Petri-Dish" Challenge

"We're excited to announce that the CDC's Advanced Molecular Detection initiative has named One Codex as the winner of its $200K "No-Petri-Dish" Challenge! We are thrilled to be recognized by a world-leading public health agency and excited to begin offering solutions for next-generation public health and epidemiology."
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In the news

Genomic Search Engine One Codex Wins CDC Prize to Catch Bad E. Coli

"San Francisco genomic data firm Reference Genomics says it has the tools to spot nasty microbes fast. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention agrees. With its One Codex search platform, the startup has won a CDC-sponsored “no petri dish” contest to identify a toxic strain of the bacteria E. coli without the time-consuming process of isolating the bug from a patient..."
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